To start providing what audiences want, something which enhances their lives, engages, or inspires them.


We provide end­-to­-end solutions that go beyond the creative, delivering audience engagement and meaningful brand experiences.

Crucially, we offer something which a lot of agencies forget: tangible results, achieved through our global network of online publishers.



If you don’t already have one, we’ll find a social talking point for your brand. We call it a Brand Heart, a conversational line or proposition based on your positioning.


We create content and experiences around your Brand Heart that will engage, entertain and inspire your audience, transforming them into fans & advocates.

What is good content?


With a vast publisher network we’re experts at gaining exposure and reach for the content we create, offering something which a lot agencies forget: tangible results.

How do we amplify content?



Online video is easily consumable and highly shareable, that’s why it continues to be the most effective route for engaging audiences. We know how to tell stories which work in tune with the medium to maximise impact.

Capitalising on what’s trending has become the holy grail of marketing, bringing opportunities to reach mass audiences and engage on a truly emotive level. We’re experts at harnessing what’s happening right now.


Products and utilities, with real life applications, have the power to transform your audience from passive viewers to passionate fans. By combining design brilliance with technology we can help you build products for the future.



  • Big Ideas & Creative Direction
  • Digital Design & Branding
  • Social Consulting & Management
  • Digital Brand Consulting
  • Film & Animation Production
  • Mobile Strategy & Build
  • Content Amplification
  • Measurement & Analytics



Coca-Cola asked us to build & manage the social media channels - and create exciting digital content - around BeatTV. read more

BeatTV was a globally syndicated original content series running alongside the 2012 Olympics, looking at the cultural aspect of the games in addition to the sport. As well as executing a global content strategy for Coca-­Cola’s global social channels, we were tasked with creating made-­for-­social content of all forms.

We worked closely with Coke’s other agency partners, as well as with the UK, European, and Global brand teams, to create market-­specific content which communicated the brand values and showed the world the London 2012 experience.

Over the 4 week campaign we grew the @BeatTV Twitter following from 0 to over 19k people, engaging with some of the biggest Twitter profiles relevant to the target audience. We also generated 200k YouTube views and over 20k social actions.

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C by Covert wanted to make an impact in the mobile tech accessories market. We worked with Orlando, everyones favourite spoof fashion vlogger. During the run up to Christmas 2013 we produced three episodes, each linking back to the brand with bespoke product
demo more

Working with a top comedy production partner we created a spoof comedy character that would get a reaction online. We scripted and shot a series of three films set in Orlando’s bedroom and across the streets of London.

We reacted live to trending pop culture and internet memes including Miley Cyrus twerking and the Royal baby. Our art department quickly crafted iPhone and iPad covers that represented these news stories and set the tone for each video. We even put some of the covers on E-bay.

Gaining organic coverage within our desired audience of young and connected smart phone and tablet users the Orlando Show was a big hit and acted as a gateway that drove thousands of views and subsequently sales back to the C-By Covert brand.

Three episodes of The Orlando Show generated 200k YouTube views, with over 8k social actions. The video content was published on 15 relevant blogs and sites.

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Louis Vuitton asked us to help drive buzz around their collaboration with renowned artist Yayoi more

Knowing that Louis Vuitton were interested in our ability to create shareable digital content, we conceived a campaign which included both a series of social video content and an integrated Twitter campaign and competition.

We decided that the best way to generate buzz and excitement in fashion circles was to use a fashion insider, rather than a model, as the star of the video content. We chose fashion blogger Bip Ling because she personified the brand’s audience and is one of the most recognised digitally-oriented fashionistas.

We decided on a concept which would allow us to explore the visual themes of the Kusama/Louis Vuitton collection, specifically, spots. The film had to be beautiful, ethereal, and engaging and allow us to generate increased traction on the brand’s social channels.

From the outset we selected key publisher partners that we would work with throughout the campaign to amplify the content. Exclusive partners, such as Telegraph Fashion and Marie Claire, were given access to behind the scenes content and interviews.

The Twitter campaign brought over 25k Twitter followers to the community. The video content was published on over 50 relevant fashion blogs and sites, generating in excess of 80k views on YouTube.

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New Era asked us to promote their new Snapback range of caps via an online
video more

They wanted us to explore ideas which would tie into their Flagbearers series by highlighting brand ambassadors that personified the New Era brand and spoke to the audience.

Our solution was a content strategy with featured French breakdance duo Les Twins. Set in an urban location and featuring a stark and abrasive dubstep soundtrack, the content fitted perfectly into the wider New Era content ecosystem.

We distributed the content via a New Era branded application which we built to engage the fan base on social channels. This also allowed us to directly funnel traffic to purchase points, significantly increasing sales of the campaign product.

Further amplification was achieved via our Seed publisher network, tying up with major online destinations such as Worldstar Hip Hop and Hypebeast to create editorial around the campaign engagement in the video, and, ultimately, drive sales. We also collaborated with youth media organisation SB.TV to create behind the scenes content, further increasing our reach through their vast online network of 14-24’s.

The video content was viewed over 500k times via 45 relevant placements resulting in a 17% increase in sales of the snapback product within the UK.

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River Island asked us to help promote their Spring/Summer range - and drive engagement within their Facebook community - via a digital more

We felt that the best way to address the campaign challenge was to provide a fun digital execution and videos which were playful but also allowed us to show off the brand’s Spring/Summer range.

We designed and built an exciting Facebook application for the River Island Facebook community (which we also managed throughout the campaign for increased engagement). The app allowed users to engage with the campaign by uploading themself or their friend into a fun Elf Yourself-like world. To enhance the experience we also created teaser video content, which was amplified via our Seed publisher network.

The application was used by over 20k Facebook fans, additionally the teaser content generated 100k YouTube views via 45 placements on relevant sites and blogs.

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Breed & Craft is born of an entrepreneurial, start-up mentality. We create our own digital products in house.

By defining needs and spotting lucrative potential we design, build, market and monetize new products with the latest tech.

If you have a great digital idea that needs developing or marketing let’s chat and see how we can help.


giverr is our latest project, which aims to make checking in on social networks more meaningful for people, brands and charities. read more

giverr partners with brands and charities, to amplify the experience of checking-in for brands, and to help raise money for charities. When a giverr user checks-in to a partner brand location, the brand splits a donation between their own, and the user's selected charity. Brands benefit from increased exposure on social networks, users are able to raise money for charity without spending their own, and charities can effortlessly increase donations.

We have taken giverr from concept to completion, encompassing the full design and tech build, as well as raising investment for the project, and signing up high-profile launch partners (brands and charities).



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